What is ENDOtherapy?

Plant endotherapy, also known as trunk injection, is a therapeutic method for the application of plant protection treatments to woody plants and palms. This method consists of injecting the plant protection product and/or nutritional substance directly into the vascular system of the plant.


Compared to the traditional aerial treatments, it stands out for the absence of atomisation, pulverisation or spraying of chemical products that contaminate the environment, soils and waters. This method also poses no risk to human and animal health, and it can be used at any time of the day.


For each pest and plant species that will be treated, ENDOterapia Vegetal® applies strict action protocols that ensure the effectiveness of the method and minimise damage to the plant.


After more than 10 years in the ornamental tree treatment sector, the plant endotherapy technique is no longer an alternative system and has become consolidated as a technique for the control of pests and diseases. This technique also has multiple benefits to trees and palms, providing them with a supply of nutrients.

Endotherapy trunk injection

How does it work?

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